Do I get all the online training in advance?

No, online trainings are not sent. They are organized in such a way that the videos are available on the site in combinations of the days you have chosen and during the day, without a fixed hourly rate.
For example – Monday and Thursday. During Monday the training is available 24 hours, on Tuesday and Wednesday it disappears, and on Thursday a new one appears. Trainings are never repeated.

What times are trainings available on certain days?

Throughout the day, so that day you can do the training at the time that suits you best.

How much costs?

Prices for 4 weeks:

  • 2600 dinars for 8 trainings (1 program)
  • 3600 dinars for 16 training sessions (2 programs)
  • 4600 dinars for 24 training sessions (3 programs)
  • 4900 dinars for 32 training sessions (4 programs)
Are those 8 hours the first 8 hours after payment?

Yes, payment gives you access to the first 8 online classes.
2 training sessions per week, on selected days.

How do I change the program?

When your membership fee for an existing program expires, create a new registration with your existing e-mail address and select the program you want. Or send us an email and write what you want to change.

Are props needed?

The props you use to practice online training are the most common props you have in your home:

  • Exercise mat (can be a beach mat, blanket or just a mat)
  • Chair (for full body program)
  • Cane or towel (for full body and mobility)
  • Weights (may or may not, and of course can be improvised, e.g. water bottle)
How long does the training take?

Whole body: 40 minutes.

Booty and legs: 30 minutes

Mobility: 20-30 minutes

What happens when the membership fee expires?

After the membership fee expires, you will automatically receive an e-mail with all the necessary information to renew the membership fee.

Can I exercise if I have spinal injuries or deformities?

If you have had an injury or surgery in the last year, be sure to consult your doctor first. If your doctor clears you to exercise, contact us for a consultation on whether our program is right for you.

Which program should I choose?

Each of our programs is intended for exercisers of all levels. If you are an absolute beginner and encounter many exercises for the first time, we recommend that you first watch the execution and detailed explanation during the training, and then do the movement. Srdjana will show you how to adapt each exercise to yourself, so we advise beginners to always choose easier options. On the other hand, if you’re training, try more intense options.

You can combine lower body strength (Booty), full body strengthening (Full Body) and mobility and stretching (Mobility).

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