DEEP PEAT – Primary Energy Activation and Transformation.

An energetic method that removes any problem, fear, trauma, conflict or limiting belief in 10-60 minutes. A treatment that removes from the subconscious what is weighing you down in order to solve a specific problem.

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Think about this – 95% of the decisions we make every day are related to subconscious systems.
If you keep making the same mistakes, don't look for a conscious reason, but reprogram your subconscious.
If you don't, you will most likely get the same problem again.

DEEP PEAT is the method of Živorad M. Slaviski. This is a technique for personal and spiritual development. It combines knowledge from modern psychology with eastern spirituality, knowledge from kinesiology, meridian and energetic systems.
The technique Deep PEAT  can be used on all states and life situations that carry a great amount of emotional charge. By removing the energy charge, we change the perception of the world and ourselves, we change our behavior. A person who carries a strong charge is not able to solve that problem, and he constantly thinks about it, talks about it, so that the problem becomes stronger, gains more importance. It is difficult to consciously change what is subconscious.

Like hypnotherapy, PEAT also deals with the cause of the problem rather than its effects.
It's a quick technique. An average session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

Read the examples:
- Lack of motivation to work on your goals, conflict, problem, difficulty, obstacle, fears, phobias, resistance, anxiety, panic attacks, jealousy, fear of public speaking, stress, insomnia, depression, overeating, aggressive behavior, trauma, tension, feelings of inferiority, the need to attract attention, problems in relationships and the like...
These are all different expressions that point to the same thing - an emotional or energetic charge that we feel and that exists as a result of the action of two opposite polarities.

Every trigger has its own origin. The trigger will move the energy of the stuck emotion. When the shadow / trauma / energy charge, i.e. emotions around something painful that happened to us is cleared (without perhaps even being aware of the deeper cause), good things are suddenly allowed, because nothing blocks them anymore.

The treatment can be done via video call, and later only by phone conversation. The first session usually lasts a little longer than the following ones because PERSONAL CODES are integrated in it.
Personal codes are the main characteristics, according to which a person functions in life, unconsciously. There is always one negative and one positive code.

What are we actually achieving? By neutralizing these codes (and when we integrate them, during the session) the person becomes aware of this, his behavior, and now he can choose how he will behave and feel in certain situations.

With the help of this method, people learn to lead their lives from a place of inner peace, which enables a completely different approach to situations and relationships that have troubled them in the past.
Generally, after one conversation, people usually feel relief, peace, happiness, a feeling as if "a stone fell from their heart".


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